Thursday, 12 May 2016

I'm officially a Pro-Youtuber

Only joking, but I did just make my account and finally upload my first video.

I feel so awkward and uncomfortable, but it's something I've always wanted to do but always felt too ugly for Youtube. I've decided this is something I want to do and shouldn't let others comments influence that since my passion is hair and beauty and I want to work with some companies that I love and the only way to do that is to put myself out there.

My first video is about how I make my tape in hair extensions. I might blog less and use Youtube more as this is a bigger platform.

Please comment, like and subscribe, I'm so new to this I had to use iMovie and my iPhone because I still don't know how to use my camera properly and I have no special software but hey at least I'm trying. 

Thursday, 5 May 2016

BHF Hair Company Review- Wrap Around Ponytail

I've wanted a wrap around ponytail for so long, but the problem is I just don't like synthetic hair. You can't match it to your own colour and it just doesn't look real. I can't get along with it at all, not even for the price. I've become savvy in my ways with buying hair that I do get good deals so if I needed hair, I would be able to get something substantial for a decent price rather than resorting to buying something that I know will not match the colour or texture of my hair.

I started looking for natural human hair ponytails and because I hated the synthetic wrap around ones or claw clip ones online. The only company that offered different lengths and a wide range of colours were Flipin Hair with their Pasoday Ponytail. I change my hair colour so much however that their prices just weren't achievable to me, since I knew I would have to dye it to match anyway.

This is where aliexpress came to the rescue, there are so many suppliers of natural human hair ponytails in so many different lengths, weights and colours for decent prices. I went with BHF Hair Company and ordered 12" 120g in #27 which cost £26.59 and the shipping was free, and standard so 15-29 days. I'm really unsure what their company is called, it said BHF Hair on the item, but their aliexpress store says 'Ali Real Beauty Hair'. Either way, you are taken to the exact item I was happy with via that link!

 I got an email later that day saying that the colour #27 was out of stock, which I was annoyed about because it's the perfect base to dye red as it's a very warm, single toned blonde. The company offered #27/613 which was the highlighted ginger/blonde I used to wear back in the day. Out of curiosity I asked if they did 14" too, because I knew in a few months I would probably want to order one again and was just interested to know. Straight away, whoever I'd spoken to said yes, we will send this out today with express delivery! This was so kind of them, as it was only a minor inconvenience with the colour and it didn't really matter because I was going to dye it anyway.