So, as you have probably guessed I am a twenty one year old student from the West Midlands, and I have no idea where I'm going with that. I'm currently taking a gap year, but after working in fast food for four years, I am striving for something more. I started blogging in my early teens but back then, I probably only talked about bright pink leg warmers and what I did on the weekends with my friends. I wasn't really passionate about anything, but in my late teens, I found a love for make up, hair extensions and constantly changing the way I look. I found my 'happy look' in a nude lip and winged eyeliner, with the brightest red hair imaginable. However, I'm still looking for that happy weight. I joined Slimming World in 2015 and lost 2 stone (28lbs). After a bad year, I put that back on and some change, and by change, I mean the sort of change you get from buying a Big Mac meal with a £50 note. I rejoined in January 2017 and found a new lease of life, losing 15lbs in my first 4 weeks. I'm excited for what the future holds, with 90lbs to lose to reach my desire target, I reckon it's a long road ahead, but with that Youtube channel I'd been neglecting, I decided to start vlogging about the ins and outs of my weeks of my new lifestyle change.

Writing for me is a positive, as I found my life probably isn't swaying the way of my chosen field at 18. At 21 I want a career in beauty, and am beginning with a mediocre camera and a GCSE in English. I want to make many positive changes in 2017, whether I decide to go back to university to my mundane Social Sciences degree, whether I lose 100lbs or whether I find my dream job, I want to write about it or video it. That's if I remember to.

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