Thursday, 7 April 2016

Rechoo Hair Company review

Through one of my favourite Youtubers, Super Mary Face, I found a company called 'Rechoo', who manufacture hair to your needs, e.g you can pick the length and weight. This is convenient for me because I only wear at least 22" hair extensions and 300 grams is the minimal thickness, because my hair is so thick it is physically impossible for anything less to look believable! I went to their website and found their actual store was through aliexpress, which makes sense: they can access more people who want to buy hair (I don't know many people who use aliexpress for anything else) and as a buyer, you get more protection.

I purchased two packs of their 22" sets in 160grams, so coming to 320grams in total. my hair at the moment is about 12" long from the top of my head downwards, so in some places it is quite short so having such a long length, thickness is important to fill out my hair cut and of course I have to layer it from quite high up. My order total came to £67.26 which is more than affordable for this sort of length and weight, I placed my order on the 24th March and received it on the 6th April. It took 13 days with standard registered shipping from China, which is great as the free option. I'm a little bit unclear about if they make each set for their customers or if they have them in stock already, considering they have a million different colour, length and weigh options, I assumed that would be the case because their aliexpress store doesn't have that many orders nor did I find many reviews on Youtube.

The postman bought me a fairly small parcel so when I signed for it I considered maybe it wasn't my hair, or there had been a mistake with the length or packs I'd been sent. When I opened the package, the hair was inside a really nice bag with the companies name, it's nice that they made such an effort to make it look nice.

The contents in regards to what the hair was actually contained in was pretty standard: a plastic sleeve with the hair care instructions on the cardboard insert. There was also another little leaflet with the full hair care instructions and a little bit about the company.

One thing I noticed as I opened it all up was I had been sent body wave, when I assumed I would just get straight. This isn't a problem, in fact I prefer body wave hair. The only unfortunate thing was, it being such an orange-based red, I knew it wouldn't match straight away, so once washed, I'd lose that pretty texture anyway.

The wefts were sturdy, I did notice they were a little too sturdy, kind of stiff actually but I assume that's because they sealed the wefts with a sort of tacky sealant that a lot of people usually apply at home. It's convenient because believe me when I say: this hair does not shed! There was only one weft that had a white residue where the sealant had got stuck on something like maybe a piece of paper, that was kind of annoying but apart from that nothing else was shoddy. I expected it to be a machine double weft with strong tacking but it looks like it's been done by hand and the corners were just folded over then the clips sewn on top. It is nice to know that someone may have taken the time to hand tack it but at the same time the wefts feel a little bit bulky which at 320g of hair, is expected but I had hair from Lush that weighed this before, and their machine wefts were really flat. They are a somewhat big company though.

I had 2 of the 10 piece sets, which for one I just removed the clips and tacked underneath of the clips on the other set to double up and thicken the wefts, and they lie sort of flat. In terms of what wefts you get, theres one with 4 clips, three with 3 clips, three with 2 clips and 3 with 1 clip.

I hate the little one clip pieces, they don't do anything for me. When I ordered for some reason I didn't have the choice of a 10 piece set or a 7 piece set. I wish I'd have had the 7 because I'm finding it difficult with an odd number of two pieces. The sets I've made myself before, I usually have two either side of my head for volume. I think I'm still getting used to having so many pieces of hair, and working out the right placement for them. This is when I first put them in with the original texture, they didn't match that well and needed layered but I love the length and thickness.

All in all, the hair is gorgeous. The colour was a little off but with red hair, it's never going to be the same shade as your own. Red is a hit or miss colour that fades after one wash so I just used my normal dyes to correct the colour, I add these to my hair in conditioner each time I wash so it stays vibrant so hopefully the colour will match perfectly.

The hair is thick to the ends, doesn't shed and is really soft. The company aren't that responsive on aliexpress, I did ask them a few questions which they never got back to me on but whatever. I got my parcel quickly and would definitely recommend this hair!

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  1. I found this preview through aliexpress in the feedback section of this product. I was wondering, is this REAL human hair? I made a mistake of buying syntetic hair once, it tangles like hell, and you can't dye it. Did you dye this? I have red hair too, I want to buy some nice extentions if I go to parties.