Monday, 28 March 2016

Best cheap products for hair extensions

After wearing hair extensions for around three years I've acquired a list of products I will always repurchase and some that are no good and wouldn't recommend. I've found using oils, paddle brushes and strong shampoos are not good for hair that doesn't grow from the scalp and hair extensions, whether semi permanent or clip-ins it can be expensive to replace them if they're not taken care of correctly.

I've compiled a list of the affordable products I absolutely wouldn't be without!

Detangling brushes

There's no denying the original Tangle Teezer is a god-send when it comes to brushing through wet hair, tangled hair or for styling your hair but at between £10-15 a pop they can be expensive to replace or if you need a few. I like to keep one of these brushes in my bag, on my dresser and at my boyfriends house and they work as well as a Tangle Teezer. I do have an original Tangle Teezer to compare to and I'm just as happy with this and have it in a few colours. When you have hair extensions, you need to carry a brush round at all times and these are gentle on knots so if you're in public you won't be yanking at your hair with a big paddle brush. 

Hair extensions carrier and hanger

Big hair extension companies who charge a pretty penny always sell these, FoxyLocks and Bellami included. It's hard to get a hold of them online unless you buy from these outlets but this one was only £7 and the hanger is basically a dupe of the Bellami one with the way it opens. You can store a lot of hair in there and the carrier keeps the hair protected while travelling or when you're not using it and you should always keep your hair neat when you're not using it. I always fall into the category of slinging my hair onto the dresser at night so this comes in handy to get into a routine of storing it correctly. 

Straight brush

The original STR8 BRUSH costs £129.99 to buy, which is extortionate considered they are all manufactured in the same factory. You can buy them cheap on eBay when being shipped from China but they all come with the 2 pin plug and shaver adapter. These are not reliable, mine broke after one use but once I got my refund, I repurchased one from within the UK and it came with a real UK 3 pin plug. Now I can use this all the time and it really helps after blowdrying and in the morning when straightening a lot of hair is effort. 

Hair extension heat connector

I don't think these are that expensive to buy from beauty supply stores but I know trade-only places only sell the Balmain one which is well over £100. If you get keratin bonded hair extensions installed this is what the stylist will use, but if you want to install them at home like I have, I always use this one. I recently bought 5 x 70g packs of 22" hair for £12.50 per pack, in total I had 500 strands so I used this to bond 2 strands at a time together to make micro bead extensions. It totalled to 350g of hair at 250 strands and cost just over £60 so was very cost effective. This hair can be found here and I'm really pleased with it. 

I'm pretty sure you can get this anywhere that sells Palmers coconut oil formula products but I first found this in Superdrug and it is really useful if you wear semi permanent hair, e.g micro rings, tape-ins or keratin bonds. You really don't need to wash this kind of hair more than once a week but if it's getting dirty or dry from product build up, you'll get an extra day or two of softness and manageability from a few sprays of this into the lengths of the hair. It does say you can use it for natural or synthetic hair, and although it's coconut oil formula the smell isn't that pleasant but it is a really useful product.

Absorbent hair brush

Hair extensions can be heavy when wet and take a long time to blow dry, and on hair washing day I usually let mine dry naturally. This, however, changes the game. Brushing your hair with this in between drying with a towel and using the blow dryer soaks up a lot of moisture and really makes a difference to drying time. You just leave it to air dry after using but the microfibre towels are really absorbent. 

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