Tuesday, 26 April 2016

iPhone SE unboxing and Aliexpress 6th Anniversary Sale Haul- Phone Cases

I recently upgraded from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone SE. My reason for this is that the SE has all the features of the 6S but the size of an iPhone 5, which is convenient for me because my hands are quite small. I do miss the big screen but in the long run this is better for me, and the camera is better quality than the one on my previous phone and the selfie-flash feature is doing it for me right now! I have the phone in Rose Gold and 64GB.

Originally, I'd preordered with Apple around a week before the release date. I didn't get a confirmation email for a few days however, and it said that I would get my iPhone between the 5th and 7th of April. This didn't seem right for a preorder, the phone was meant to come out on the 31st March but they said I'd 'just missed' the first lot of preorder stock, but if they could get one earlier to me, they would. The 31st came around, still no shipment notification. On the 1st April, I called again, because I was receiving emails saying I could just pick one up from my local Apple store, and that there was stock in Birmingham and Solihull. They said I couldn't go into store and collect one, but I would have to cancel my order and re-apply for financing in store and then if they have one, they could give me one there and then but if not, it would be another 5-7 days. The person on the phone
still couldn't tell me when I would receive my phone, but in the end I cancelled my order with them and ordered with Argos, and received it the next day on 2nd April. I'd never had such slow service with Apple, but they were just being so slow and unhelpful I shouldn't have had to wait so long for something I'd preordered.

The phone is built just like an iPhone 5, so is sleek and compact. The colour is pretty and I like that it has all the great features I was used to, including Apple Pay.

I bought an unofficial charger in rose gold to match, as well as earphones because I went crazy and couldn't get enough.

When I was ordering, Aliexpress were just about to start their 6th Anniversary Sale, so I decided to buy lots of cute cases, as I have hundreds for an iPhone 6, but got rid of all the ones I had for my iPhone 5S when I sold it.

Transparent gold foil case
Order date: 29th March 2016
Received date: 15th April 2016
Price: £1.34

 Little Mermaid aquarium style case
Order date: 29th March 2016
Received date: 15th April 2016
Price: £2.56

Holographic silver melting case
Order date: 29th March 2016
Received date: 20th April 2016
Price: £1.91

Moschino replica case
Order date: 29th March 2016
Received date: 15th April 2016
Price: £0.75

Starbucks case
Order date: 29th March 2016
Received date: 15th April 2016
Price: £1.67

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