Sunday, 10 April 2016

Dresslink haul

Dresslink is a website I came across through watching beauty gurus on Youtube, and after seeing mixed reviews I decided to try the website out for myself. I buy a lot of clothing that is despatched from parts of Asia on eBay and Wish and this website is basically a haven in which everything you can find on eBay, you can find on here but in the same place. The reviews I saw on Youtube really were mixed, with Channon Rose saying the package she received from Dresslink having such a strong chemical smell that even after airing the package outside, the garments were still unusable and she was probably going to throw them out because she couldn't really donate them in that state. However, SuperMaryFace had done so many positive reviews on the website, I decided to try it. 

I placed my order on the 9th February 2016 and received it on 29th February 2016, 20 days for standard shipping is fair enough however I did pay a lot because this was during Chinese New Year and DHL/EMS were not operating at this time. Shipping cost me £12.46 and I think I would have been able to get express shipping for a similar price had it been available to me. I had 12 items coming to £24.79 so averaging around £2 an item, that's pretty cheap! I thought I'd write my review now after having all the items for a month and worn them all. 

You can click all the images to enlarge them. Prices are estimations because the conversion of pounds to dollars changes all the time. I'll list all the sizes I bought the item in because buying Asian clothing can be hard when you're above a size UK 8. I am a size 10 on top and a size 12 on the bottom, I have a C cup chest and my waist is very small in comparison to my hips/stomach, if that sheds a bit of light on the situation. If your size/shape is similar to mine this may be of some help to you!

 The first item I got was a studded headband. This is actually three headbands stacked together but I liked the statement look of the three together but even one or two on their own looks cute. They were £1.05 each. Nothing really to write home about, they're a little tight and hurt behind the ears but I can say every headband in the world feels like that. Some of the studs feel a little loose and I've only worn them 2-3 times so far, I get compliments on them though and they go well with my newly vibrant red hair.

The second item in my parcel was this white halter crop top. It's not like the stock photo I have to say and is a little awkward to put on. The neckline is awkward and the buttons on the back are hard to do upon yourself. The material is a little see-through and is that sort of cheap scuba-type material. I probably would wear this though, in the summer with a floral maxi skirt but with a white bra underneath, of course. I paid £2.15 which is fair for this top, I bought it in white and size L.

My favourite items have to be these stretchy crop tops, which I have in purple and black. I don't really wear the purple so much because it clashes with my hair colour but I wear the black one so often. I was inspired by SuperMaryFace to buy these because she said they came packaged as American Apparel. Mine didn't though, but I'm happy with them nonetheless. They only come in one size and they are so stretchy they would fit anyone up to a UK 16 I think, more comfortable between sizes 6-10 in my opinion but I am a size 12 and they fit fine.

I had hoped these t shirt style crop tops would have been the same stretchiness as the tank top style ones previous, but honestly I got a size XL and they are a little too tight. I could wear them with high waisted jeans and maybe a cardigan or an open shirt over the top but not really on their own. Maybe in 5-7lbs time but right now they're a little uncomfortable. I got them in grey, black and white. They cost £1.53 each which is pretty cheap.

Another favourite was this skull print skirt. It is part of a two piece but they didn't have it available at the time. I bought one on eBay to match a few days ago though but it hasn't arrived yet. I think the two piece will be so cute in the summer as I'm not really into all these bandage co-ords that everyone seems to be wearing. The only issue is that it only comes in one size and so it sits just above my hips so is a little too short to wear without opaque tights. The waistband is also only elasticated at the back so the front rolls over a lot. I paid £3.07.
Next I got this bra. I'm usually a 34 but the comments all said they came up small so I got a 38 instead. I'm glad I did this because it fits well but the straps are literally tiny, but luckily you can remove them. Like I don't know anyone with shoulders that small. I haven't worn it properly, I've only tried it on so I don't really know how it washes but it all honesty, the embroidery is cute but I don't think it will last many washes before it kind of bunches up. It's cute for an occasion though.  I paid £2.76 and got colour 'nude'.

I also got this vest which is just a slogan vest. It's a soft material, not really stretchy so if it doesn't fit you, it doesn't fit you. But I got it in size L and it fits fine. It's not overly baggy like on the model, but these items never are. You'd have to be a size 4-6 wearing a size L for these items to look how they do on the models because the sizing is so small. I don't know where they take their stock photos because they're all on thin, caucasian women whereas the products are manufactured in China where the women are generally slimmer than British/American women, like a medium in Asian sizes is usually fits between a size 4 and 8 and even then it's guess work. It is so hard to find items that fit online, especially when it's so difficult to send them back overseas.

The final item is this burger and fries print t shirt. The sleeves kind of reach my elbows which is weird but I only really wear it in the house anyway. It was £1.88 and comes in one size. I've worn it quite a lot as a pyjama top and it's that cheap silky material. It washes well and is comfortable.

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