Monday, 18 April 2016

Dresslink Haul #2

I recently posted my DressLink haul, which was actually from February using photos from my old blog. I decided to place another order from Dresslink because I was pretty impressed with most of the stuff I got from there. I placed the order on 9th April 2016 and received it on the 18th April. I did pay for shipping with Fed-ex as it was only $2 more than the standard shipping, I still think it's overpriced though. Even though Fed-ex promised to deliver within 3-7 days, at $23.36, approximately £16, I still think their shipping is just too much. I understand it goes on weight but I hate websites where the more you buy, the more you pay for shipping. It should be the complete opposite, I get the same thing from everything5pounds, it's like you're being punished for buying cheap clothing! The shipping said 3-7 days and I received it in 9 which is a little annoying, they didn't ship for a few days and I really struggled to track my parcel through their website, as although Fed-ex texted me when the parcel had been picked up, the shipment on my account was from 2014, which is odd considering I only found this website earlier on this year.

 Like I always say with cheap, Chinese fashion, you have to be careful with sizing. I am a size 10 on top and a 12 on bottom (UK sizing, between a M-L in generic fashion) so usually go for the L or XL option.

The first item was this two piece, I bought this entirely because it was in the $0.01 sale. A playsuit I'd previously paid £12.99 was also in this sale, so I was kind of mad. I'll probably take it on holiday with me though as I can really see myself wearing it in rainy Britain. You can buy it here, I got it in size L and I probably should have got an XL because although it fits, it doesn't fit me like it fits the model. It will look cute when I've lost a few pounds and I'm hoping to before my holiday. It has a really annoying zip on the side of the top so there is four fastenings on the outfit altogether, along with both bows and a button at the back of the neck. The material is nice, kind of thin but again will look better in half a stones time.

The second item was this cute floral rucksack. It sort of reminded me of Cath Kidston and there isn't long left of the semester, so if this doesn't last long it's not a problem but I really like the pattern and colours. I paid $4.35/approximately £3 and you can get it here. They sent me the wrong colour which I'm kind of annoyed about, I wanted the white one with pink floral details so I'm going to enquire about getting some kind of partial refund. I don't mind the black though and I guess it's less likely to get dirty on the train in the mornings and I could probably use it as hand luggage or when I'm market shopping abroad.

This is the third pair of 'boyfriend' jeans I've bought in the past week or so and I'm not really sure if the style suits me. It definitely looks cute on the slim model. I paid $6.94/£4.88 and got a size XL, you can get them here. They do fit but again, not how they do on the model. I like this fit better though as I've been wearing some boyfriend jeans from boohoo and I felt like I looked like a tramp. They are very very over-ripped though and although I like it, I can't imagine myself pulling these off. I'm thinking they will be cute in the summer when I go out somewhere for the day and then for a few drinks or something. Just casual but can be dressed up, but again I feel kind of silly in them and am awaiting comments from middle aged people including "Did your jeans come like that?" or "wow your jeans need darning, don't they?".

I really liked the sunflower pattern on this playsuit and it will definitely be cute on my holiday. I got the size L and it was $5.36/£3.77. You can buy it here,
this is probably my favourite item from Dresslink this time.

Two piece tracksuits are really fashionable at the moment and I wanted this cute one for around the house. I definitely bought this at the wrong time of year though as I was expecting really thin, cheap material, but the cuffs are strong and it feels like proper tracksuit material. I got it in size XL and it was approximately £5 at $7.17. You can find this item here.

I liked this backless white tank top because I thought the tied-up style on the back was a little different to the usual. I got it in size L and you can find it here. It cost $2.89 so was approximately £2. I have lots of brightly coloured and patterned bandeau tops so to avoid the awkward bra strap flash, I will probably wear those underneath and then really loosely tie it at the bottom of my back. If you leave it open it looks okay with leggings from the front but I'm hardly Kim K from the back so not really about that life.

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